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We were able to work with Villa Lume - a wooden Helsinki map for the blog.

Behind the blog is a duo whose stunning stone house is located in the heart of nature in Uusimaa. In their blog, they talk openly about the challenges and successes of building their own house, interior design, and everyday life. They also include travel stories and thoughts about life.

The blog is full of inspiring and thought-provoking texts, not to mention gorgeous pictures!

  "Here is no surprise that domestic and Scandinavian handmade products are close to our hearts for many reasons (read more about Finnish hand-madehereand here

First of all, we believe that quality of materials and hand-made Finnish products is the best in the world. More than that, responsibility and environmental friendliness are issues that increasingly influence our choices. And, of course, style or artistic expression has to appeal in some way."


Read more on the Villa Lume blog:

City map that they choose is a 100 x 70 cm wood-coloured map of Helsinki.

Our range includes 30 different cities, in three different sizes, in black or wood colour.Our wooden maps are suitable for any space and interior design - from modern to traditional.

We make maps from high quality Finnish birch plywood. The process includes design work, laser cutting and finishing the map by sanding. Wall mounting is possible with a handy magnetic fastening.


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