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An ART panel is an ensemble that is made of wood, created from elegant, unique images and lines which transcend the boundaries of life. The light and flowing lines break the rules by crossing the frames, reminding us that frames are just a habit. Natural wood, minimalist pattern and the smoothness of lines combine in one work to convey warmth and tranquility indoors.


The FLIGHT depicts a magnificent creature-a frail girl with a damselfly’s wings. This piece of art adds elegance to your space and refreshes the familiar interior.

THE FLIGHT is a collaboration created by Eco Decor designers and Italian artist Ekaterina Roman-Maksimyuk.


The KISS reflects balance and healthy self-love. This work pleases the eye and creates a light harmonious atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or office!

Collaboration work between Eco Decor designers and Italian artist Ekaterina Roman-Maksimyuk.


This wooden panel looks stunning and attracts interest with its mystery.

"Stairs to the moon” is a work by Italian artist Ekaterina Roman-Maksimyuki, created specially for Eco decor's art panels collection.

The minimalism of the work perfectly complements many different interior styles .


Refinement and elegance are harmoniously combined in this painting combining natural wood and line drawing.

Add details of the Wedding day and the location to the picture frame to make the picture a stylish souvenir of your Wedding party!

"Bride" is an unforgettable gift that is sure to arouse emotions and decorate the interior of the living room, bedroom or even office.


Art panel gives you the freedom to experiment - simple design of the panel makes it easy to combine with other styles and elements.

The panels are created using a single line technique popular with many artists around the world.

An ART panel is not only a decorative element, but also the perfect option for those who want to give a unique and meaningful gift.


The elegant work is created using a one-line technique that crosses the frame to bring life to this piece of art. This peculiar work brings a lightness of mood, allowing it to suit any interior. THE BEAUTY is created in a minimal style, therefore it is suitable for a bedroom or living room.


This elegant work enchants the viewer! It is perfect for those who love the sleek details and appreciate the gorgeous design.

The LADY can be given as a thoughtful gift on many occasions: even if it is a birthday, a house building, a wedding, or Christmas!


Save the memory of the happy moment of your child's birth in a tender and gentle ART panel - The Life Line.

Each panel is a personal order with the child's name, date of birth, time, height and weight.

Save the memory of your first meeting with your child in this unique and beautiful decoration panel.


This work represents a mother's love as one of the greatest human values. The lines draw a moment of calm filled with a mother's strong love for her child.

The MOTHER’S HUG will be the perfect gift for a christening or birthday present.


Newborn includes the baby’s name and birth details. You can make the image even more personalized by ordering it at a 1:1 scale.

In the picture the baby's height corresponds exactly to the birth length of the newborn.The child’s birth is always a magical and unforgettable event for every family.

Order a unique wooden art panel for yourself or your loved ones. It will always remind you how small your child was when he was born.


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