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In this blog post, we've put together a range of crafting tips that are perfect for the run-up to Christmas. For example, make gifts for friends and family, or do something for yourself! The instructions are really easy, so you can do them together with your children without any worries.


This great idea will help you use old things wisely and have fun with family and friends! I'm sure many homes have lots of old decorative balls and useless metal hangers (if you don't have hangers, regular iron wire is also great for this task). We recommend giving these things new life and making your Christmas decor beautiful by your own hands!

You need:

- about 30-40 different Christmas tree ornaments

-a metal handle or iron wire

1. Shape the metal handle into a circle

2. Open the hanger and thread the decorative balls through the metal wire as you wish.

3. When all the balls are in place, you can also add a Christmas ribbon around them. Close the hanger by wrapping the metal wire back around one end.

4. Gorgeous Christmas wreath is ready and you can hang it with the hook!


A very simple decoration for the Christmas table or a dinner party with friends! Create unique candle that bring a magical atmosphere into your home. Idea is particularly suitable for those who like to use objects around them creatively. Candle arrangements like this will add variety to your decor and are sure to surprise and delight your guests!

You need:
- transparentglassware

- decorations
- sparkling candle

1. Put some decorations you have in a glassware! For example, berries, fruit, stones, shells, fir branches, flowers, petals. Whatever you want!

2. Add water and a sparkler, and enjoy the artwork you've created!


Feel like going outside to make snowmen, but there's no snow outside? Don't worry, you can build a snowman indoors! Kids will love this, as it's quick, fun and very simple to do.

You need:


- black, orange and red

paper or cardboard

- teippiä

1. Cut two larger circles and about 10 smaller circles from black paper.

2. Cut a triangle out of orange paper to make a snowman's nose.

3. Cut some colourful paper into rectangles for the scarf.

4. Then tape the parts to the white door or fridge, and the snowman is ready!


Make an atmospheric candle jar! Making a jar is an easy and creative activity that both kids and adults will love! Use your imagination and create your own landscape. The candle will create an atmosphere in your home as well as a unique memento of Christmas.

Please use an LED match instead of a real sparkler, for safety reasons!

You need:

-  glass jar

- cardboard
- scissors
- tape
- LED stick

1. Measure the paper you want according to the diameter of the glass jar (so you can join it together).

2. Draw a simple town or landscape (houses, trees, animals) on paper.

3. Cut the landscape out of paper and glue it to the outside of the jar.

4. Put an LED stick candle in the jar and enjoy the atmospheric light!


Display your memories in a beautiful way at Christmas. This is a really easy way to add a great Christmas element to your decor to brighten up those dark winter nights. Hang Christmas cards, photos or children's drawings, for example, on a Christmas light ribbon.

You need:
- Christmas lights

- tape
- pictures/cards
- clothespins/clips

1. Hang the Christmas lights on the wall in any way you like, for example with tape.

2. Attach clothespins or other clips to your Christmas lights, which you can decorate with snowflakes

3. Hang up the pictures/cards/drawings with the clotheslines.

4. Admire the beautiful Christmas light wall you made yourself!

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