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2020 Covid

During the Covid - 19 pandemic, couples have had to find new ways to celebrate their wedding. For example, masks with customised embroidery have become a trend, providing a nice memento of the celebration. Instead of 6-12 people, smaller groups of 2-5 guests have been favoured, so that parties can maintain a safe distance. Handheld bottles have also become a familiar things at wedding receptions.

Personalisation increased hospitality

More and more couples want their celebration to be a holistic experience for their guests that will be remembered for a long time. That's why, for example, various performers and other show elements, elaborate decorations and customised gifts are more the rule than the exception.

Micro Weddings

Pandemic period has inspired and forced many couples to consider their guest list carefully. This has led to the trend for micro-weddings, which include a more intimate feel, a more relaxed style and, of course, lower costs.

Some couples also organise micro-weddings as multi-day destination-style weddings with close friends and family.

High quality wood lasts for a long time

Old solid wood products stand the test of time and renewal better than modern chipboard products. When you buy old, high-quality wood, you can treat it to eliminate the imperfections of time. One of the characteristics of wood is that it lives over time, for better or worse. Sanding, varnishing, waxing and painting are all measures that extend the life of wooden furniture. So solid wood is more durable and environmentally friendly than cheaper alternatives, and it's worth investing in. So the effort is sure to pay off if you can save your old quality furniture for reuse!


The long-standing eco-wedding boom has brought 2nd hand dresses, charitable donations in favour of domesticity, reusable goods and digital invitations, among other things. Honeymoons to far destinations, for example, are also being considered more carefully.

How to do it at home?

A professional can get the job well done, but it's also possible for the average person to get good results. Work requires time and neatness so the result will be good and lasting. Pay particular attention to cleaning and sanding all surfaces before painting. High quality materials are the key to success, so check beforehand the suitability of them for the surfaces you choose. Note : choose a water-based coating for furniture. At Eco Decor, we used Teknos Futura Aqua 40 semi-gloss paint.



Breaking traditions

Modern couples are happy to abandon traditions that don't appeal to them. The ceremony, dress, programme, menu and decorations can be completely out of the ordinary. The most important thing is that the celebration is the way the couple wants it to be. At the same time, there is no unnecessary pressure. Other days of the week have also challenged the place of Saturday as the traditional wedding day.



  • In today's society, responsibility is no longer just a trend but an assumption. Couples may even aim for a completely waste-free party that does not cause problems for the environment. New uses are found for decorations, etc., e.g. plastic or other harmful materials may be avoided altogether and unnecessary clutter is discarded. Consumption of vegetarian and vegan food is also on the rise.


Alcohol-free celebration

  • The Sober curious trend is on the rise and in recent years, millennials' attitudes towards drinking have changed in a healthier direction. The choice to have a non-alcoholic wedding may be in line with personal habits and values, or it may be to respect the non-drinking status of certain guests. More and more weddings are therefore seeing a completely non-alcoholic drinks menu with mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks, which is also becoming more affordable.


More colours!

      • Colour palettes have expanded from traditional neutrals to pastel shades to more colourful ones. Colours such as purples, earthy greens, different shades of blue, black and other bolder choices are more likely to end up in colour palettes than the old pink.

These tips will help you plan a successful wedding too!

We are ready to help! Wedding Decor Sets make it easy to understand what you need to organise your wedding. This will help your brides and grooms plan their weddings, as it is possible to order paper products and wooden decorations in the same style from one place.

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