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Crocheted soft toy

Picla Design

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Would you like to give your child or give a special soft toy as a gift?

Picla Design's crocheted soft toys are animal figures crocheted from stiff cotton, size is  approximately 30-40 cm in length, depending on the character. TThe product is CE marked, suitable for children.

Material and product information: 100% cotton. Hand washing in 30°C. CE mark.

the crocheted soft toy with a sleep sheet is one of Picla Desig's soft toy animal figures and each product is different and unique. You can choose the animal character and the colour. You can find the colour options in the last picture. Would your child like a cuddly toy that looks just like your own pet? You can customize the character you want!


Please write wishes regarding the animal  and the sleep linen in the comment field Choose the color and the bed sheet separately from the available color options. You can also choose more than one color for the linen, as shown in the product images. 


Products are made  to order in approximately 7-10 working days. The total cost of packaging and delivery is 6,90€. If your shopping cart contains only Picla Baby products, your parcel will be delivered by a courier service.

Made by Picla Design in Finland.



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