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Wooden Place Cards | Wooden Guest Place Names for Wedding
Wooden Place Cards | Wooden Guest Place Names for Wedding
Wooden Place Cards | Wooden Guest Place Names for Wedding
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Wooden Place Cards | Wooden Guest Place Names for Wedding

Eco Decor Oy

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Design and processing

Design and Each name is processed and prepared for cutting. The data is sent to the laser cutter after design. After cutting, we polish all names, check the whole list and if necessary make up missing names.

Place cards

Production time 10-14 days.

Guest place signs for Weddings help guests to find the right place at the party table. Place signs are available in three different styles and made of birch plywood (4 mm). Lovely name signs will leave a tangible memory for every guest at the wedding.

Wooden name/place signs for weddings. 3 styles, material: birch plywood 4 mm or 3 mm (wooden discs).



Place tag's design 1: Name height 50 mm, length depends on the name (photo: Hugo, Matti, Saara).

Place card style 2: Name height 50 mm, length depends on the name. Height of a long name (over 10 cm) will be 45 mm: e.g. Alexander, Satu-Leena. If the name has y, j, p, g the height will be 55 mm.

Place card style 3: Small font size higher than in style 2. In that case, height of the name is 40 mm, length depends on the length of the name. The height of a long name (more than 10 cm) will be 30-35 mm.

Round place card 50 mm.



Each name has its own characteristics, so measurements may change. We do our best to make sure that signs look good.


Production time 10-14 days. It is possible to paint the signs, for an extra charge of 1,20 €/piece. Colours: gold, silver.


Example models

We will send you the samples in an envelope (3 pieces, 3 fonts) on request for free If you want to order special names and quantities, the price of a name sign is 4€/each.


Order and delivery conditions:

Send the guest list an Excel file, by replying to the order confirmation message.

Orders are usually delivered by post as a parcel (6,90€). Orders over 150€ are delivered for free.

If you have less than 30 guests, the price per name sign is 4,00€.

Additional names after delivery will cost 7€ / piece + postage.


Read the blog post Eco Wedding Wrapping and Place Signs from Eco Decor


We are also happy to answer any further questions you may have!


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