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Lantern hook 118 cm - Steel girl

Lantern hook 118 cm - Steel girl

Eco Decor Oy

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The "Steel Girl" model is designed to be elegant and simple. The hook is round and suits almost all lantern designs.

Steel hook for cemetery and garden use for lanterns and flower pots.

Our lantern hooks fit almost every lantern design and flower pots. Hand made, from durable metal, our hooks are suitable for many places and purposes. Perfect for the backyard. Our corporate customers include garden shops, florists and wedding managers.


More information:

Large hook (118cm) is equipped with a support leg (20cm), so it can take the weight of a heavy lantern. The support leg also makes it easy to install it on the ground by pushing with your foot, without much force. Above ground, the hook is 98cm high, so it is also visible if there is snow outside.


Material: Steel

Thickness: 8 mm

Height: 95 cm

Model: Hammerite hammer varnish, black, glossy, long-lasting protection, safety data sheet

Scandinavian design

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