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Scented candle with wooden heart |

Eco Decor Oy

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Enjoy SPA at home! Order a luxury ecological scented candle.

Our candles are made of creamy coconut wax, which gives the candle a very strong fragrance. In addition, the coconut wax makes the candle burn evenly and gives a long burn time.

Did you know that when a wooden candle burns, the heart of the candle becomes a small soothing flutter of burning wood? You have to try it!



Scented candle in glass:

  • The candle lasts for up to 50 hours.
  • Weight 100 g.
  • Ingredients: coconut wax 50%, soya wax 50%



Delivery price from 6,90 €. Candles are made in Helsinki. Production time is 3-5 days.

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Thanks for supporting Finnish production!

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