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Puinen sisustuskarta | Eco Decor Oy - puiset Sisustustaulu kartta Helsinki - puiset karttajulisteet
Puinen sisustaulu kaupunkikartta Helsinki, Sisustuskartat  | Eco Decor Oy - kaupunkikartta vaneri
Sisustustaulu kartta Helsinki - puiset karttajulisteet | Eco Decor Oy
Puinen Sisustustaulu Kartta Helsinki - puiset karttajulisteet
Kartta juliste - Puinen sisustustaulu - Oma kaupunki
Kaupunkikartta vaneri PORI - Eco Decor oy
Kaupunkikartta vaneri
Puinen kaupunkikartta vaneri KERAVA
	puinen kaupunkikartta KERAVA, HELSINKI, PORI
Kaupunkikartta oulu Sisustustaulu Sisustus Puinen Vaneri Wood Map - ecodecor.di
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Wooden Interior Map | 30 cities


Eco Decor Oy

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City maps are unique and stunning works that cannot be ignored! Interior maps look spectacular in any space and interior design - from traditional to modern.


Read the blog post: wooden city maps from ECO DECOR Ltd.


Interior maps are perfect for anyone who wants to make their home or office more stylish. They will be a great gift idea for travel lovers or to remind them of memorable cities.


Not all interior maps are included with this product for viewing, but you can request a picture of the city of your choice for preview by email.


Maps are available in three different sizes Small, Medium and Large, so there's one to suit every space and area. The material is Finnish birch plywood.




The map is easy to attach to the right place with the sabot hole and the fixing magnets. Marking the attachment points is easy and installation is quick, even for a first-timer. The template and screws are included.



Plywood thickness: 4 mm.

Small: 35 x 49 cm

Medium: 50 x 70 cm

Large: 70 x 100 cm

Round: diameter 60 or 70 cm.


You can also order a map with the city you want here.

It is possible to cut the map up to 110 x 80 cm.

Suitable for indoor use only, not for humid areas.

Delivery time is 7-10 days.

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