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Good Vibrations body butter bar

Flow Cosmetics

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High-quality body butter bar for all skin types, especially for blemished or irritated skin. Made with organic cocoa butter and organic coconut oil to nourish and soften dry skin. Arctic sea buckthorn oil rich in essential fatty acids and carotenoids offers antioxidant protection. For GOOD VIBRATIONS, we selected sunny essential oils that fortify the solar plexus-chakra; orange, lemon, cedarwood, lavender and neroli. These oils dispel negative energy and fatique and help you to find your inner sun. ”I Create My Own Life.” An energizing, citrus-scented, nourishing and aromatherapeutic body lotion Good Vibrations is a firm and practical body lotion for all skin types, especially irritated and blemished skin, with an invigorating fragrance to awaken your inner sunshine! The fragrance is a captivating blend of sweet orange, orange blossom, tart lemon and soothing lavender. Because of natural waxes, the piece stays firm and easy to use. Massage directly onto dry skin or break off a small piece and soften in your hands before rubbing into the skin. ★Body lotion is the real deal; a waterless and highly sufficient product containing only plant oils and fats that effectively soften and condition the skin. ★Easy to take it for journey ★ Takes up less space in your suitcase ★The lotion is a zero waste product, meaning it does not create mixed waste. The cardboard casing and wrapping paper can be incinerated or recycled. ★Contains 100% natural ingredients that do not harm the environment ★Scented with only genuine essential oils Note that the scent of the body butter bar unfolds best on warm skin. The scent is milder in the package. Store under 30˚C. Additional information VEGAN PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING 60g Recycling: the cardboard packaging that comes with the product can be recycled in the cardboard collection. DELIVERY The total price of packaging and delivery is 6,90€. You can also order other products for the same delivery fee. Check out our wide range of products: FINNISH NATURAL COSMETICS.
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