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Today, ecology and product ethics are important values - also in wedding planning and decorationEco-style has become a matter of the heart for us and is in fashion now and always,becauseit is in itself a return to the origins and authentic.

We know, we love - we live! 

Purpose of the celebrations is to rejoice and share a sense of belonging with family and loved ones. With those close to us, we feel naturally comfortable and safe. We can genuinely rejoice and open our hearts, without artificiality and pretense. We don't have to play any role, because we are enough for each other as we are.

We breathe deeply,we feel a genuine and natural atmosphereand the presence of people close to you. It was this feeling that became the central idea for the unique setting of the eco-style wedding table!


Eco-style Wedding ceremony is the winner of the 2019 Wedding ceremony competition

Why eco-style is better to choose?

Ecotyle brings us back to authentic materials and the emotions that are important in a wedding celebration.
Nowadays ecology and product ethics are important values - also in wedding planning and wedding ceremonies.
Ecology is not a passing phenomenon - it is not a trend or a bright star that shines and then goes out.


A wedding table full of aesthetics!


We decorated our wedding table with roses, symbols of beauty and eternal youth. The roses can be dried after the ceremony to preserve them as a keepsake. Eucalyptus leaves purify the indoor air and give off a gentle and pleasant scent - helping you to breathe deeply and enjoy the moment more deeply.

Each guest received a unique circular watercolour menu on their plate, in a style to match the floral decorations. Together they create continuity and harmony in the table setting. The circular menu symbolises eternal love, with a great beginning but no end.

Place signs for guests are unique and one-of-a-kind. They are small, elegant keepsakes made of plywood, painted in a colour to match the style of the table setting. Each guest can take their name home from the wedding reception and remember the moments with loved ones and the happiness of the newlyweds.

The alliance of green and gold at a wedding

The main colours of our wedding table were green and golden. Colour combination is an impeccable blend of naturalness, solemnity and luxury. Green symbolises the beginning of something new, while golden signifies a moment of celebration, triumph and a magnificent event.

Together, with these two shades, we want to communicate the greatest love that colours life with new colours and brings to life a wide range of emotions - which we call happiness!

Details of our menu are carefully considered. Drinks are served from bright gold-rimmed wine glasses and the rims of the plates are adorned with sophisticated glass beads. Plates placed on a solid wooden base next to romantic candles and gold cutlery.

Harmonious and perfect wedding!

"This set is created with love and infinite respectthe most important and exciting day for two lovers."

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