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Vastasyntynyt ART-taulu - sisustustaulu lapsen nimellä - kotimaisesta koivuvanerista - Eco Decor Oy.
Vastasyntynyt ART-taulu - sisustuselementti - suomalaista designiä - Eco Decor Oy.

NEWBORN 1:1 - wooden wall art

Eco Decor Oy

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Child's birth is always a magical and unforgettable event in every family.

THE NEWBORN work is a customised wall decoration. It includes baby's name and date of birth. You can make the image even more personalised by ordering it at 1:1 scale. The length of the baby in the picture responds the length of the real newborn to remind how small your baby was.

Please write your wishes in the comment field.

Order a unique ART panel for yourself or a loved one that will always be a reminder of how small your child was.


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Wooden pictures are created in single lined technique that goes outside the frames, bringing life to the painting. The picture is created in a minimalist style that is perfect for a child's room or living room. It looks stunning either on its own or in a combination with other paintings and pictures.


Scandinavian design. 


Material: local birch plywood, 4 mm

Size: 80 x 50 cm

Frame size: 70 x 50 cm

ART panels are easy to attach to the wall with magnets.



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Orders are usually delivered by post as a parcel (6,90€). Product takes 7-10 days to be ready. We try to send the decorative panels as soon as possible. You will be notified of the status of the shipment by email. You may also pick up your order from our office in Helsinki (0€). Read more about Eco Decor's delivery terms here.


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Our wooden works blend the warmth and lightness of wood with the sophistication and beauty of the image.


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