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Love | Coasters | 6 pcs
Love | Coasters | 6 pcs

Love | Coasters | 6 pcs

Eco Decor Oy

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Have a cosy coffee or tea break with your love! These coasters will remind you every day how loved and adorable you are. The set includes 6 wooden coasters engraved with love phrases. You can also spot two of our popular ART coasters, Kiss and Loved, on these coasters. Because of the lacquered surface, they are highly resistant to heat and water and it is easy to clean them with a cloth. Diameter 9 cm, thickness 5 mm. Material is natural and pure finnish birch plywood. Covered with wood wax and spray-painted with a varnish resistant to water and heat (80°C). All our products are made in Helsinki. All prices include VAT 24%.
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