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Scandinavian handmade❤️

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Wooden Personalized Christmas Ornament 2022

Wooden Personalized Christmas Ornament 2022

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Wooden tree decorations are great and ecological way to decorate your Christmas tree.

Wooden Personalized Christmas Ornament will last you forever and won't break easily, unlike glass ornaments. It is a perfect Christmas gift because each product is unique.

Born in Helsinki. Made of Finnish birch plywood. Scandinavian design. 



Select the amount you want and enter the names you want in the "My text:" field, separated by a comma. 

Please do not enter more than one name for one ornament. 

Delivery costs from 2,50€. Please ask about current delivery and production time.



If you buy 5 or more pieces, the shipping price will be 6,50€. For orders of more than 10 pieces, please contact us by e-mail.



Hundreds of personalised orders come in every month and our favourite - a personalized Christmas ornaments shown in the picture.

Up to 94% of Europeans want to support small businesses by buying Christmas presents from them.

We're here!

Even if you order one product, we are grateful. We are ready to accept any small order.

We put a Christmas Ornament in an envelope, put a smile on our face and the postman will deliver that smile to you. Because everyone smiles at Christmas, and it's not just children who believe in magic. We, small business owners, do it as well :)

Now is the best time to support us. Remember to order the names of your friend's children names too - everyone should have their own smile. 🎄


Thank you for supporting Finnish production !❤️


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