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Wall posting to the Facebook group "Häät 2023"

Wall posting to the Facebook group "Häät 2023"

Eco Decor Oy

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The Häät 2023 (Wedding 2023) group has been created for wedding couples, brides, grooms, best men and you, the providers! The group has over 3500 members, all of them are interested in organising weddings in the coming years. In this way you get visibility in the target group you need!

Weddings 2023 - is the most popular and fastest growing group in Finland. There newlyweds chat, ask for help and look for Wedding organizing services. We take care of group members’ comfort. This group is valuable because there are no advertising posts. So after paying for membership, you won’t be unnoticed!

Share useful information, involve yourself in discussions, use clear pictures or videos, and exude positive emotions! These tips increase audience reach and the effectiveness of your advertisement.

Price list for group wall posts from 30 €.

  • Over 1600 members: €30
  • Over 2500 members: €50
  • Over 3000 members: 80 €
  • Over 3500 members: 120 €
  • Over 4000 members: 150 €

The price includes pinning your post to the top for 3 days.

Please clearly state your company, the name of the poster and the date of publication of the post in the comment field of the shopping cart as accurately as possible.

Please contact us for more information by email info@ecodecor.fi.

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